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Give the Gift of Environmental Justice and Climate Crisis Awareness

What we all have in Common? The Shared goal of leaving a more sustainable planet to our children. The need to stop climate change destructive impacts, a need for clean water & new infrastructure to contain flooding, including how cities face more severe  issues: like deep poverty, and multiple toxic threats from plants that pollute the air, water and soil.

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National Institute for Healthy Human Spaces, Inc.

1544 Mt Ephraim Ave.

Camden, New Jersey 08104


Support our Environmental and Climate Justice work (Here in the Delaware Valley area, beginning here in New Jersey)

 NIHHS is a federal 501©3 tax exempt Organization! All cash and in-kind donations are Tax-Exempt.

Copy of exempt certificate available upon request.

Please Mail your donations to:


1544 Mt Ephraim Ave., NJ 08201

Other Ways to Support:  Support NIHHS:

  • Invite us to Speaking Engagements and Workshops: Healthy Homes & Schools
  • Donate Items for our Auction Fundraiser
  • Contracting with our Basement-Garage Recycling Division
  • Contracting with our Construction Division to Fund

NIHHS’ National Autism Awareness-Home Schooling Campaign

  • Advertising in our 2020 National Healthy Homes, Schools-Workplace Directory
  • Order from our Green Product line, Available in April 2020
  • Order New 2020 Book How Machine Politics and Political Bosses Subverted Democracy Devastated a Great American City: Camden, New Jersey 1976-2019

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