Executive Summary

The National Institute for Healthy Human Spaces, Inc. (NIHHS) supports environmental justice and engages in initiatives/campaigns specific to our region (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware) and more specifically, Camden, New Jersey.  The “environment” in the context of the environmental justice is defined as spaces where we live, work, learn, play, pray, and heal. NIHHS engage in advocacy and professional services that improve equitable access to a clean and healthy environment; healthy schools, homes and workspaces, as well as, engaging in campaigns for social and economic justice.  This organization is led by a National Environmental Fellow, (Roy L. Jones).  Toxic environments inordinately affect people of color and those most disproportionately affected by environmental health and justice issues.  

Mission: NIHHS’ mission is to promote healthy people and healthy environments and engage in environmental justice campaigns that positively affect where humans live, learn, work, recreate and worship, in order to reduce illnesses and disabilities among children and adults and foster sustainable cities/towns.

 Rationale: On a daily-basis, thousands of residents in the New Jersey and Delaware Valley area face contamination that erodes their health and the learning capabilities of children.  Toxic conditions found in many homes, schools and towns know no ethnic, class or gender boundaries.

Camden: An Environmental Disaster. As you know, Camden has the highest concentration of polluting industries and toxic conditions in the region, from air, lead and water contamination to the highest adult and child poverty rates and an equally horrendous crime rate. 

Educational Background: Roy L. Jones   has a B.A. from Rutgers University, M.A. from Glassboro State College/Rowan University, and M.S. in Business & Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University and Doctoral work from Temple University in Urban Education and Mass Communication., Inc. and President of Roy Jones -Consulting. NIHHS promotes environmental, organizational and community empowerment initiatives-campaigns.  In 2010, Mr. Jones was among (10) persons nominated by the Philadelphia Inquirer as Person of the Year for his pioneering work that successfully led to the conservation of Petty’s Island – the largest urban island in the Delaware Valley area.  Moreover, In May 2016, Mr. Jones received the distinguished Rutgers Chancellor’s Award for outstanding Community-Civic Engagement Initiatives. In addition, Mr. Jones is most proud to have received certification as a Senior Environmental Fellow.

National Institute for Healthy Human Spaces, Inc. Promoting and Advocating for Environmental Healthy People and Communities

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